Thursday, 22 September 2011


Now that I'm settled with a pleasing number of posts, I'm gonna try and do just one post a week. I'll try and make them nice and phat though.

So I'll post my dinosaur mask today.

The mask is based on a minataurasaurus. A member of the ankylosaurus family, in which only a single fossilized skull exists. Which is perfect, because now, in a way, it's a complete costume.

A lot of creativity had to be used to figure out the placement and proportions of things. The nose had to be shrunk, and the eyes moved forward, as well as the lower spikes. The way I thought of it, I could either have them coming off the back of my head, or just a little further back from the eye. Both are accurate, but I figured the latter looked better.

The mask is paper-mache, with crumpled thin cardboard (like cereal box material) for the bony forehead.  The skin is textured wall paper glued on over top.

Kraft glue was smooth over the horns in layers to work out the wrinkles and rough textures.
Of course, next was the paint, which was pretty easy since all it takes to look good is a little dry brushing.

One thing I would do differently, is make it a bit more spacious. It's really snug and doesn't fit many other people.

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