Tuesday, 22 January 2013


A Deku Shield! For those that don't get the reference, it's from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Like most things I've made here, it cost nearly nothing.

The body is constructed from illustration board, which I cut into the basic shape, then bent and folded accordingly. After that I spray painted the front red, and carefully drew the deku symbol on it.
Then I took woodchips, and glued them to the top and bottom.

Finally I found a tree in the forest that was pretty much dead, with a bunch of bark hanging off. I grabbed a chunk, cleaned it, then cut it to fit, and glued it on, save for the area I had drawn a symbol.
Finally I added craft foam straps on the back so it can be carried.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Some quick Wick

Drawn by hand with Pencil, and coloured in Photoshop.
I tried giving it a water colour look behind him using the filters, and I'd say it worked quite well. It's the first time I've drawn him with the harsh shading I so enjoy, and I think the final product came out pretty well.
Originally, I drew him without flesh and exposed muscles. I then erased some of the detail- although some of it was so dark I could barely do that. I would've rather have gone easy on the vertical lines above his furrowed brow.

I just enjoy lining up the colouring process like that. Clicking on them and scrolling back and forth you can watch it fill in bit by bit.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

light up, moving, cardboard robot helmet!

I built this back in June for a robot themed party I had.  The visor lights up, and the jaw moves with mine.

The helmet itself is constructed almost entirely from cardboard. I started with the two sides, roughly estimating the proper shape and size. They were connected by a separate strip of cardboard, sliced halfway in four places so it would bend in a jagged curve. Then I added another length of cardboard down the middle of the head, with semi-slices across every inch, so that in bent along the curve of my head.
I realize the detail I'm going in is already a bit too much, so I'll try and skim the rest since I don't have many pictures from when it was in pieces. There are smaller pieces from cereal boxes I used to cover up everything. The nose/cheeks area, is all actually one piece. The jaw is separate of course.

The eyepiece is a glow stick, which can be easily slid out. The great part is that this allows for me to easily change the colour to whatever I want. It's also relatively inexpensive.
To make the jaw move, I attached it with a flat pin. Elastics were attached to the inside, going from the cheek bones to the lower jaw. My jaw simply pushes down on the "jaw-piece" and the elastics pull it back up.
Sometimes I think it looked cooler when it was unpainted cardboard.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Stop Motion Animaton

I'm aware it's hard to see exactly what's going on due to the white on white. But here's what you're looking at:

I found out the hard way that if I wanted anything I drew to be seen, I had to make it really dark. The character is just as shaded in the video as the picture, but it's just not enough. In the future, I'll definitely be using more contrasts.

This first video is around 18 seconds long, though the original cut was 26. Lost 8 seconds after speeding it up in parts, and cutting out a couple frames.  for just those 28 seconds, I was taking pictures for about 4-5 hours. part of what made it take so long, was having a character made of separate moving parts, none of which are secure. When I tried to move one piece, they would all want to shift dramatically, leading to plenty of hair pulling. I tried gluing things down, but the glue dried up and became useless pretty fast.
And then of course, there's the construction of the character himself.

Those are just the pieces I found left in my drawer. There's another head, some thighs, more feet, more hands, etc. I drew, cut out, and shaded each one, and that took a couple days, just doing it while on break from other things.
The amount of time it took to make the 20 second piece is stupid.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

More Wick

More recent drawing of Wick.  I gave him a baggy coat cause I thought it was a nice contrast to his tall lean figure. Gives him a sort've candy apple look.

I was going to shade him in, but I really like the clean look he has, especially on his sleeves.
Coloured him in on Photoshop.
And with some shading and highlights. . .

And here's one more. This ones a bit older. I tried colouring and shading using pencil crayons- it came out a bit rough looking. Still trying to get the hang of Pencil Crayons, but I'm not really loving it.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Laurel Wreaths

For my friend Jeff's Birthday, we held a Toga party at my pad, and I was surprised at the amount of turn out when it came to toga's, but more-so the amount Laurel Wreaths that were actually constructed.

Of course a couple of them were left behind.

This one was made by my friend Lindsay,

It's painted plastic leaves. It stays on via hairclips.

This one was constructed by Jordana for Jeff. 

A head band with individual leaves cut out and pasted on. There's also some bent wire at the front to hook it on your head.

This one's mine.

I went the more lazy root and cut out only a couple leaves to stick on there to give the illusion of separate pieces.  It's glued onto a bent coat hanger and stays on by squeezing my skull. Gently.

And this one is by Nathan

Nathan traced mine, and put a bendy wire on the inside to make for a more one-size fits all thing.