Saturday, 8 October 2011

Laurel Wreaths

For my friend Jeff's Birthday, we held a Toga party at my pad, and I was surprised at the amount of turn out when it came to toga's, but more-so the amount Laurel Wreaths that were actually constructed.

Of course a couple of them were left behind.

This one was made by my friend Lindsay,

It's painted plastic leaves. It stays on via hairclips.

This one was constructed by Jordana for Jeff. 

A head band with individual leaves cut out and pasted on. There's also some bent wire at the front to hook it on your head.

This one's mine.

I went the more lazy root and cut out only a couple leaves to stick on there to give the illusion of separate pieces.  It's glued onto a bent coat hanger and stays on by squeezing my skull. Gently.

And this one is by Nathan

Nathan traced mine, and put a bendy wire on the inside to make for a more one-size fits all thing.

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